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Access Points
The Industry’s Highest Capacity, Highest Performing Three-stream ZoneFlex R700 802.11ac Smart Wi-Fi Access Point for Carriers and Enterprises.

IT staff love cool networking features but not if it requires two-years of tedious training and massive manuals.
Our Ruckus Smart/OS software and applications is just that: smart. It delivers a bunch of wireless LAN features not found in any other centrally-managed system. And we don’t nickel and dime you for them.


Backhaul Bridge
Developed for broadband operators looking to deliver reliable wireless broadband services, the ZoneFlex 7731 is one of the first smart Wi-Fi point-to-point, point-to-multipoint backhaul system that delivers consistent performance at ranges up to 15 kilometers.
Carrier Grade Wireless
Mobile operators and broadband service providers everywhere are under pressure to offer better network performance to keep up with insatiable subscriber demand for bandwidth. But the implications are dire: the cost of transporting data is expected to outpace revenue, and a poor user experience resulting from network congestion will result in churn, one of the largest costs operators incur.

Network Management Solutions
With the majority of Wi-Fi connectivity occurring indoors, for services providers, extending branded broadband services into the enterprise is of major interest.

This interest comes from the opportunity to bundle a managed WLAN service with broadband access or through the integration of WLANs with existing managed or unmanaged  wired LANs.

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