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Public Address   (PAS)

Our public address systems (PA systems) are packages designed with robust all-weather products made to run 24/7 and last in any challenging environment. They can easily be customized to meet the demanding needs of your design and budget. We carry a wide variety of outdoor and indoor solutions. We can tailor fit the solution to whatever your application is, whether it’s for paging address or background music solutions.

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Voice Alarm and Emergency Evacuation   (VAS)

Research has proven that in an emergency people will react without confusion or panic if they receive a clear, intelligible message. In an emergency such as a fire, an earthquake or a terrorist threat, our priority is to save people’s lives and therefore receiving the right alert messages at the right moment is vital. Thus, we offer this kind of solution to assist in the effective evacuation of an area or building during an emergency.

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Master Clock   (MCS)

In time-related applications, you must determine which clock will be used as the reference for all other clocks and understand how to transfer the time from the reference clock to all other clocks. This type of solution requires a special timing reference clock or master clock. We provide a wide range of master clocks and synchronized clock systems, which include Wireless Clocks, IP-PoE Clocks, Wi-Fi Clocks, Wired Clocks, and Talk-Back Wireless Clock System.

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Infant Protection   (IPS)

Even though infant and patient security systems have been around for over a couple of decades, it is reported that on average there is still an infant abduction being reported. However, with most going unreported due to possible reputational consequences and lack of solution installed at the facility, these growing cases of baby/infant abduction now need to be addressed. We are offering this kind of solution that can be integrated with existing hospital security systems not only to ensure protection in a real-time approach but also to prevent mismatches among the mothers and their newborns.

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Real-Time Location   (RTLS)

With this kind of solution, it offers a precise indoor tracking of assets and personnel. This transforms your business into a highly efficient, powerful and streamlined operation. RTLS reduces cost and boosts productivity. Utilizing a unique ID, our solution can locate the tags attached to an object (staff) and give you real-time information about its (someone's) positioning within the facility or building.

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Intercom   (ICS)

Great customer communication doesn't have to be that expensive. With our solution, we provide a stand-alone voice communications system for use within a building or small collection of buildings. Whether the system is using a talk-back unit or door-phone, we can offer a two-way communication that contains robust circuitry for the purpose of transmitting and receiving audio and/or video signals with higher reliability and security.

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Audio/Video   (AVS)

Our team offers high-quality professional services in the areas of audio and video, and provides solutions in mini-theaters, shared workspaces, conference rooms, corporate boardrooms, small businesses, and other commercial AV requirements. We can bring out the best your media entertainment has to offer using our solutions.

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Nurse Call   (NCS)

Real-time quality communication between a patient and a medical staff has been the lifeline of any healthcare facility. This requires a nurse call system that end-users can highly depend on. We are experts in design and installation of NC solutions. Tapping us to cater to such a solution will surely improve your patients’ experience by delivering attentively responsive care. This will also improve your financial performance with streamlined workflows and communication that boost efficiencies.

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We understand that each and every industry and most facilities nowadays have its unique challenges and that finding the right solution for your security needs is an important decision to make. Our team specializes in video surveillance technology, as well as designing, installation and even troubleshooting. Our solution is committed to proving to be an efficient preventative tool to create a safer environment within commercial or private and public areas, e.g., home, community, city, traffic road, prison, and so on.

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Fire Detection and Alarm   (FDAS)

Our company cares about safety. We design and install a solution to assure users that their lives will not only be protected but quickly and effectively saved. A swift response by the fire detection system is absolutely crucial for alerting services and getting help. This is where we come in to. We offer a powerful solution for a variety of small to mid-size facilities that require a highly dependable FDA system while delivering a safe, future-proof investment for any kind of location.

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Access Control   (ACS)

Our access control system proactively monitors, manages access and secures multiple points of entry and exit in real-time, for individuals, vehicles, and materials, all from a single location. With our selective access solution, property or building access systems allow your premises to appear welcoming while offering maximum protection from outside threats and from internal challenges such as shrinkage.

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Smart Home   (SHS)

Our direction focuses narrowly on the best product and solutions in each smart home category that the prevailing market can offer. From home automation to computer intelligence to mobile application to everything via smart home devices, we offer a variety of solutions custom-fitting end-user's taste and budget as well.

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Passives Supply and Delivery for LC Systems   (LCPD)

We can just supply and arrange delivery of all materials and other passive consumables required to complete an end-to-end solution to any type of system aforementioned above.

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Various LC Systems Integration   (LCSI)

Whether your solutions are already existing or all newly built, as long as they are capable and compatible, we also offer and provide dual- or multi-integrations of the aforementioned systems above.

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