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Get to Know Tribrer

With a deep understanding of the communications market, Tribrer is professionally engaged in the integration and service  of customized projects of deployment and detection of optical communication network. Tribrer offers the most comprehensive selection of fiber-optic products to customers in different industries. At our core, we are an organization of  top technical professionals dedicated to delivering personalized support to help you evaluate your technology options and  implement theright communications, infrastructure, and products to achieve your objectives.

The Quality We Value Most

Integrity and quality are two qualities we hold in the highest regard, therefore all our services are warrantied for 1 year from the date of service. Fiber work is not always 100% tangible, so trust is essential to the working relationship.

Customized Projects 
According to the needs of the clients in various fields, Tribrer provides serialized integration and service of customized projects  of deployment and detection of optical communication network. 


It Includes:
 1.the construction detection of optical communication network.
 2.the testing and maintenance of optical communication network.
 3.the production testing of optical communication equipments and components.
 4.the equipments of FTTx ODN network


With excellent performance versus price ratio, Tribrer has achieved great success in China, and then extended business to the overseas market. So far, we are offering state-of-the-art and cost effective products and solutions to the global customers in  more than 40 countries.
Choose Tribrer

Working with fiber demands experience and our professionals have diverse skills and extensive knowledge of fiber systems  ranging from major telco providers to small premise (office) applications and data centers. Experience, profession, and a commitment to superior customer experience will be the reasons you choose Tribrer.

High cost performance products for the market 
Strong R&D ability
Strict cost and quality control system


We always think win-win situation is the best policy in business.

We have a creative R&D team to develop best products according the market need.

●Quality Commitment:
CE      Certificate
TCL     Certificate  Type your paragraph here.

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